50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

June 06, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I had $25 in loyalty credits at Unique Photo from when I traded in a bunch of gear for my second EOS RP body and some accessories. Of course, that can't just sit there. I decided to pick up a copy of Canon's cheapest, but far from its worst, lens, the EF 50mm f/1.8 STM. 

This is the third copy of this lens I have owned. What happened with the other two is that I was selling a camera body and threw in the lens to make the deal more attractive. At $125 new, you can do that with this lens.

This morning was my first time using the lens. Without image stabilization, hand held bracketing is more of a challenge but the software seems to deal with it nicely. Here are some results.

Cohoes Waterfront, Hudson River

Mohawk River Snapping Turtle Old Champlain Canal, Waterford, NY Old Champlain Canal, Waterford, NY


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