Frosty Fog on Peebles Island

January 15, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I walked around Peebles Island with the 600mm f/11 lens this morning. There was a frosty fog which diffused the sunlight and made any shots made toward the sun more than a bit hazy.

First, I want to show what I think is the best vantage point for the new eagle nest. The old nest was in a perfect location for morning sun, no obstructions and the view from the cliffs was somewhat close to the elevation of the nest. This new nest, while actually on the island and closer to vantage points, is in the middle of a wooded area with lots of branches in the way and is at much higher elevation than the vantage points.

Unfortunately, this shooting location will be crowded once activity at the nest settles in. My EOS RP body has a 26MP full frame sensor. It also has a 1.6x crop mode which results in 10MP images with an effective focal length of 960mm with the 600mm lens. In this case, instead of using the crop mode, I simply cropped the full image to 3888x3592 pixels, the crop mode dimensions. An advantage of using the crop mode instead of cropping later is the electronic viewfinder shows the cropped in scene.

Here are the rest of the photos from this morning's walk. Only the Red-tailed Hawk is cropped. Due to the frozen fog I was able to shoot directly into the sun.



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