Beecher Creek, Edingurgh, NY

October 22, 2021  •  1 Comment

It's Fall in the Adirondacks and there are still nice colors in the southern region. I made another stop at the Copeland Covered Bridge at Beecher Creek Falls in Edinburgh this morning. Conditions were good and I got some decent Fall themed images for the Adirondack Scenics gallery.

This might be a good location in Winter depending on if there's enough water. Since it's right off a road, it's worth keeping an eye on. The parking area will probably be inaccessible once the plow piles block parking opportunities. Ideally, there will be some cold weather to create some ice before there's a lot of snow. 

Here are some of today's images.


Sharie FitzGibbon(non-registered)
Those are lovely shots, Dave. I especially like the one looking out between the boards of the bridge and the very last one.
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