The "All in One" Zoom at Oakwood Cemetery

April 26, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

I continue to evaluate my RF 24-240mm zoom lens as I consider replacing it with the RF 70-200mm L series lens. I still can't run Canon's software on my MacBook Air after Apple's latest software update. This means none of the lens corrections for the super zoom are available unless I want to use JPG files for HDR processing, which is not ideal.

Today, I restricted the lens to 35mm to about 190mm where the lens performs best. While chromatic aberration is not corrected for, and is visible on occasion here, the results aren't that bad. And, I have the original RAW files to process with Canon software once it starts working again - this has happened before.

If I do sell this lens for the 70-200mm I'll be losing focal length but gaining build, image quality and weather sealing. I'd just have to always also carry the 16-35mm lens. 

Here are some shots from today. There are now 702 images in the gallery located at


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