First Day of 2022

January 08, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Today was my first time out shooting in 2022. The start to the year was delayed a bit by a breakthrough case of COVID-19, presumably Omicron. Omicron, apparently, doesn't care much if you're vaccinated and boosted. The good news is, if you're vaccinated and boosted, it's unlikely to cause serious illness. 

In my case it was a four day long bad cold. 

Since my last post on Christmas, I picked up a used Canon 5Ds body to go with the 5Ds R body I bought earlier in December. I'm selling one of my 6D Mark II bodies but will keep the other one.

The 5Ds/R bodies are a different thing from other cameras I've owned. They seem way more likely to produce chromatic aberrations than other bodies with the same lenses. Particularly when I process bracketed files in HDR software. Canon's software corrects nicely for the CA when processing single files. 

Today, after being unhappy with the HDR processed results, I went back and processed single files. In some ways it's an improvement, in other ways it's not as good. But, the files are crisper and the color fringing eliminated. 

So, for the next while, I will shoot single exposures and process them as best I can. It will be a learning process all over again. Here are some images from this afternoon at the Neilson Farm at Saratoga National Historical Park. I used the 5Ds and EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6L IS USM lens.


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