Frozen Water, Frozen Fingers

January 15, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

I'm gradually getting the new gear all set up the way I want it. I now have everything I'll be using in my bigger backpack, a Think Tank Airport Commuter which has had the backpack straps cut off. The bag contains the three bodies and five lenses I'll be using going forward. Here is how they're laid out.

Because the 50MP bodies really need to be supported rather than handheld, I'll be using the tripod mount on the 70-300mm lens and an L bracket on the body which I'll be using with the 16-35mm or 24-70mm lenses. This will facilitate a vertical orientation on the monopod or tripod. 

The lower resolution 6D Mark II will be used with the Tamron 45mm lens when I'm not being serious about landscapes and the Tamron 85mm lens will probably see use with both kinds of bodies.

Temperatures this morning were in the low single digits and it was windy. I froze my fingers in the few minutes I was out of the car at Cohoes Falls. I used the 5Ds body and 70-300mm lens attached to a monopod. These are single file images with processing from RAW in Canon DPP software. 

To show the resolving power of the 50MP bodies, this image is a cropped in portion of the closest in photo of the falls.


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