Shelburne Farms

August 23, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

Shelburne Farms is a working farm that also has many other great attributes. Rather than take up space here, you can learn about the farm and non-profit at

Getting down to the Inn and formal gardens for visitors requires hiking about two miles each way via the more direct route and longer via winding trails through fields and woods. Guests at the Inn and farm workers get to drive the gravel roads.

Yesterday, I carried the EOS 5DS R and Sigma 28mm f/1.4 ART lens. The vastness of many of the scenes got me to playing with the camera's crop modes as 28mm was clearly not going to be sufficient.

It's always possible to crop while I'm processing RAW files but doing it while shooting saves a couple of processing steps while preserving the original full RAW file. The 5DS bodies have 1.3X and 1.6X crop options which, with the camera's 50MP sensor, result in 30MP and 20MP files, respectively. Plenty large for pretty much any purpose. I have a multifunction button next to the shutter button programmed to toggle among these modes.

Here are two sequences showing the full image followed by the 1.3X and 1.6X crops. With the 28mm lens, the crops show full frame fields of view of 36mm and 45mm.

The Inn is present in all these scenes. The next time I visit this location I'm definitely going to carry more gear with me.

I added 47 images from the farm property to the gallery at Here are some shots of the Inn and formal gardens down by Lake Champlain.


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