Women's College Soccer

September 02, 2022  •  Leave a Comment

The EOS 5DS R is not an action/sports camera. Its frame rate is only five frames per second and its high ISO abilities are not that good absent given the 50MP sensor. What the 50MP sensor does allow is extreme cropping.

Yesterday saw bright, early evening sun descending over a soccer match at Hartwick College that I was mostly just watching. For the first half of the first half, however, there was enough light to shoot at ISO 400 and f/5.6 with fast enough shutter speeds to stop the action. At least on sunlit portions of the field.

To really shoot sports like this an f/2.8 lens and a body which shoots eight to ten frames a second and can handle ISO settings up to 6400 without too much noise are needed. Especially under the lights.

But here are some samples of what is possible with a less than ideal setup.


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