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This gallery contains photos from a year long project, begun in late October 2021, documenting Saratoga National Historical Park which consists of Saratoga Battlefield; Victory Woods, the Saratoga Monument and the Schuyler House in Schuylerville and the surrender site just south of Schuylerville.

Unlike many of my galleries, which are organized with the most recent photos first, this gallery will be organized in chronological order beginning in late October which is shortly after the battles on September 19th and October 7th and Burgoyne's surrender in Schuylerville on October 17th. Images made over the year will lead up to the 245th anniversary of the battles in 2022.

Unfortunately, renovations to the tour road stops, which caused closures, hampered opportunities over the summer and fall leading up to the conclusion of the project.

White stakes delineate the lines of fortifications. Blue designates American lines, Red designates the lines of the British and their allies.